Spot of weekend culture at the V&A.  (at Victoria and Albert Museum)

Spot of weekend culture at the V&A. (at Victoria and Albert Museum)

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  • July 19th, 2014

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Suzy Menkes // Margiela // A reveal too far?


So in her latest glowing review of the couture collection of Maison Martin Margiela, Suzy Menkes has apparently lifted the veil behind who the current creative genius is. Check out the piece here 

For those outside of the fashion world Margiela isn’t the first name to trip of the tongue. Historically shying away from any publicity, PR, the brand has held a very strict level of anonymity for it’s current designer since M Margiela himself left in 2009. Literally no one has breathed a word of who the current designer is. UNTIL NOW! 

Menkes has often been an outspoken force in fashion, and frankly people either love her or hate her as a result. However you feel (I’m quite pro Menkes despite some of her remarks about the blogging community) about her, what you can not escape is her depth of knowledge and love for the industry we work in.

So why the big reveal? Well she has just moved to become Vogue International Editor so perhaps she wanted to make some waves in the fashion community? I don’t think so. The tone of the article is such that she genuinely loved the collection and wanted the praise to land at the feet of the most deserving. The man that actually designed the collection.  So far so good. However this goes completely against the brands ideals, and in response they have issued a statement neither confirming or denying Suzy’s comments so emphatically it’s like an Eddie Izzard sketch, and may as well been accompanied by a nodding head and a cheeky wink. 

Has she over stretched some invisible code? Who can say, after all it’s not like the brand can forget to invite her along next season. Can they? 

Certainly this will carry weight in the fashion world, and kudos to Matthieu Blazy the man so talented to inspire Suzy to break through the silence. Having trained under Raf Simons, you can see why this collection has been lauded, it’s stunning.  


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Vest top, zip through hoodie, bomber jacket. Stereotype? What stereotype? #gaycub

Vest top, zip through hoodie, bomber jacket. Stereotype? What stereotype? #gaycub

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  • July 11th, 2014

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London Collections: Men // The Night of a Thousand Parties // Well Four

Great friend and blogger extraordinaire Ella Catliff, is understandably a very popular guest on the London fashion scene, she is after all beautiful, witty, and pretty talented at explaining and writing about fashion. Why do I mention her? Well being ever so popular she is one of these people that must regularly fly round town visiting party and event one after the other. I’ve often wondered how she does it, and this Monday LC:M showed me how. River Island & Baartmans & Siegel, Diesel Black Gold, Lou Dalton & Men’s Health at Liberty, and finally i-D & Moschino were all to be our hosts. A group of us set our minds to it, and knew we could complete this marathon. The morning would have to wait. We had a job to do. 

River Island had extended their sponsorship of fashion films. One of which was to promote the fantastic new collaboration between River and Baartmans x Siegel. The film, much like BAS fabrication is sumptuous. Please take the time to enjoy it, and of course when it drops in store buy it. 

At that point we were due to be ushered next door for cocktails and canapés, but instead we had to jump in a cab and make our way to party number two. 

Diesel were celebrating the opening of their Black Gold store. The collection inside was stunning. Several items included a metal heeled formal shoe leapt straight on to my wish list. According to the press release the aforementioned Ella was also in attendance, but we passed like ships in the night. We weren’t the only ones flitting around London that evening, I felt for the PRs and organisers desperate to make sure their event was the best. Picture your most nervous moment before your birthday when you picture even your closest friends not arriving, then replace friends with people that have very little loyalty to you and are genuinely swayed with free booze, DJs and baby burgers (baby sized, not actual baby!), of which London was awash on Monday night. 

Diesel saw us enjoying a few more glasses of prosecco from the Diesel Farm, more pieces of tiny food, dancing to music by 10Tigers, in the company of Diesel’s President Renzo Russo and some celebrity friends (his, not mine obvs). Store openings are always a great time for the brand, and were the tills open I would easily have been swayed to do some major damage to my credit cards. 

This would be the stunning Ella, with Welsh actor Luke Evans. I’m neither important enough or pretty enough to smile sweetly at the step and repeat board. For which I am genuinely grateful, it means I can get in and out of the party faster and enjoy the event with my friends. 

Time ticked by quickly and we had to make a dash to event three. For the third season Men’s Health collaborated with Liberty, this time in celebration of one of my favourite designers Lou Dalton. Who it must be said raised her game this LC:M, taking her brand in fresh new direction. I’ve heard nothing bad about it and as ever loved her tailoring. It was great to see the owner of Ruffians there and have a quick catch up. Suffice to say the shop in Covent Garden is going from strength to strength. 

But the main event was kicking off, and we bolted. i-D was celebrating the arrival of Jeremy Scott and Moschino to the London schedule. It was set to be the party of the night and as one of our group is the biggest J-Scott fan boy we weren’t about to miss out. The crowd outside was already heaving when we arrived, and were quickly bundled down the stairs and straight to the bar. Alcoholic slush puppies are without a doubt the new drink for every party. They are quick to serve, deliciously childish, and a guaranteed talking point. The party was jumping, we were by this point fairly well oiled, and ready to make a night of it. As ever I was just happy to be there and having a great night. I finally met the indomitable Mikey Boardman of Paper magazine in New York, and hopefully didn’t make a complete eejit out of myself. As for Ella, well our paths crossed as they normally do, we shimmied, drank and then went on our ways again.

All this and more happened before the last train home, which by some fluke I actually caught, and also didn’t managed to wake up in Dartford! 

And of course I did actually make it several shows over the 3 days of LC:M and the reviews of those are too follow. Where the highlights for me included, Baartmans, Craig Green and E Tautz. 


I’ve been excited by this collab since it was announced months ago, and we were teased with a quick watercolour. Finally the look book is here and I am obvs in love! 

Coincidentally I caught up with Creative Director of BAS last night, and we chatted about the upcoming mainline collection. It debuts at London Collections: Men on Tuesday and I can’t wait. Expect superlatives about fabrication, the best navy every and more. Amber has promised us some very exciting shorts too. I can’t wait.