SecretSales - Office style: the men's edit

I was asked to put together 3 looks for our Office Style section. In no way did I forget this until I was running out the door, and I certainly did not just throw them all together. Anyway here’s me, stood outside our office in Notting Hill. Click through the link to check out some of my words of wisdom.

Look 1

Jacket - Gstar

Shirt - Paul Costelloe

Jeans - Nudie

Shoes - Mr Jones Bootmakers

Accessories - Belt - Jimmy Choo, Sunglasses - Bailey Nelson

Look 2

Shirt - Paul Costelloe

Jeans - Nudie

Shoes - Clarks X Patternity 

Accessories - Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana, Bangles - Fitbit, Miansai, Stephen Einhorn

Jacket - Gap

TShirt - Adrian + Shane

Shorts - Orlebar Brown x Nick Wooster

Shoes - Converse 

Diesel // i-D // a to Z

So just the other week I was gushing (ew!) over the i-D a to Z wink video with all the models of the moment. Now they’ve gone and filmed the a to Z of Dance with Diesel and again I’m in love. This is totally SFW except for some twerking and I guess that kinda depends on your boss. But I for onw am loving this! 

It’s been filmed to show of the particular gifts Jogg jeans have in being super soft and stretchy but still looking like jeans. I covered them here before with the previous video. This time Diesel have kindly sent me a pair to road test, so once I’ve thrown some shapes in some kind of hideous drunken mess I’ll let you know if they are as good as they claim. 

I won’t be filming it though as my talents are not as far reaching as the people above. If you’re disappointed you’ve clearly never seen me dance! 

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  • April 11th, 2014

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Baartmans & Siegel X River Island // Fashion Collab // MUST HAVE

STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING!! This is some major fashion news. Hot off the heels of their stuning collaboration with Joseph Turvey, River Island continue to champion upcoming British Design talent. This morning they announced the forthcoming collection in association with Baartmans & Siegel. 

Regular readers of the blog will know I am already deeply in love with this design duo and regularly covet their entire collection. Their inspiring fabrications and love for the luxurious side of life always leaves me hungry for more. Wisely they’ve taken their time building their brand and the collections each season. So it’s great to see them being able to reach a wider audience through this collaboration. 

The only downsides being we won’t get a pic of the collection until June and it’s not available instore or online until September!!! I’m not very good at waiting for things, and I’m not about to wish away summer. 

Stephen Einhorn // Jewellery // Interview

After seeing the above film I was lucky enough to interview Stephen about what inspires him and more. Men’s jewellery like all of men’s fashion is growing at an almost unprecedented rate. Men are taking braver and braver choices when it comes to clothes and body adornment. Whilst I’ll happily sit for a few hours changing my look permanently with a new tattoo, until recently I’ve not really worn jewellery other than my wedding and engagement rings. Over time Miansai and other bracelets have slowly found their way onto my wrists. But as someone finally accepting that he’s a grown up I’ve come to admit if I want to wear jewellery it’s time to make an investment. The overall clean lines of Stephen Einhorn's work and strong look certainly appeal to me, and I was intrigued to hear more from him.  

1. What inspires you?

So many things it’s hard to cover them all! Basically anything that is interesting in whatever field. Anything that has thought behind it, or artistic intention. Buildings, fabric designs, architecture, artists.

2. What are your favourite metals to work with?

We only use solid precious metals and we don’t plate our jewellery. I want our customers to see the natural qualities of each different metal; I think this is incredibly important when you’re making fine jewellery and investment pieces.  At the moment I’m really enjoying working with18ct yellow gold, which is hardwearing and ages beautifully - a lot of people choose it for their engagement and wedding rings.

3. What is it about London that showcases so many great creatives?

London has always been a really buzzy place. I think one of the major reasons is that London is such a melting pot of cultures… there are so many influences in London that it inspires a lot of creativity. British Artists are stoical, they fight through even if there doesn’t seem to be an audience, because we believe in what we do.

4. Which fashion brand would you most like to do a collaboration with?

Ohh hard question… maybe Miu Miu or Junya Watanabe – both make really interesting pieces and pay a lot of attention to the finer details, which is what my design signature is all about.

5. How has your own personal style/design aesthetic evolved? & where do you see it going?

My design aesthetic will always be the same and that is elegant simplicity. But the more you design the more you expand your ideas so that your work changes and evolves.

6. After the recent TV show featuring Boodles and a £2.2million suite of jewellery, what would you like to create given an unlimted budget?

Wow that would be amazing and scary at the same time. I wouldn’t mind making an incredible ring for someone that was worth that.

7. What drew you to design for men rather than women (initially)? 

There was no men’s jewellery when I started. Poor men! No one thought they were worth designing for and there certainly was no market for it initially, until we started one. Also I wanted a few bits and pieces of jewellery to wear and there was nothing to choose from.

8. How does you see men’s jewellery evolving?

It’s an accepted market now which is great and ever expanding. I see men paying more and more for their jewellery and valuing it more in the same way women do. Wearing more pieces with precious stones – precious stones can be both masculine and feminine.

Stephen Einhorn very kindly gifted the Viper 6 bangle to me as part of this interview. Instantly becoming a constant on my wrist, and has certainly made me realise investment pieces are without a doubt a way forward. 

#DIESELVENICE // AW14 // Nicola Formichetti

I’ve seen quite a bit of Nicola Formichetti in the last couple of months, from interviewing him in advance of the initial Diesel Tribute launch, to hearing him discuss tech, fashion and social media with the visionary Nick Knight. All in all it’s left me eagerly awaiting the new collection, his first full collection for Diesel. Whilst I wasn’t one of the lucky few to head to Venice and witness the spectacle first hand, like the creep on behind you on the tube I read over the shoulders of those attending thanks to instagram, tumblr and twitter. It was almost as good as actually being there, and by almost I mean a decaf soy latte, when what you actually need is a super strong flat white. 

Jealous really doesn’t begin to cover it, and with good reason. Venice is a stunning city of wild inspiration, a party city since the Renaissance guarded over by St Mark and his winged lion, a motif that would appear in throughout the show. 

During his talk with Nick Knight in Selfridges, they both spoke of working in a very visual almost intuitive process. Asked which apps they both enjoyed working with the name Glitche was dropped. Frankly if it’s good enough for these two it’s good enough for me, and the app quickly appeared on my iPhone. The possibilities this app and the talents of Nick Knight can reach were showcased in a dramatic fashion as three huge screens played a series of wild and glitched images throughout the show. 



With Diesel, Formichetti has an almost inexhaustible range of treatments to apply to denim and this was evident throughout the show, with bleaching in a neo-punk way forming a strong story. The winged lion head becoming a dramatic statement belt. Graphic knits, and lumberjack shirts with a grunge aesthetic pulled a broad spectrum of references but somehow still looked like a single story. 


In our interview Nicola mentioned one of the key looks would be a reworked Parka and he certainly didn’t disappoint. This familiar piece with freer silhouette worked brilliantly and though khaki green hasn’t made an appearance in my wardrobe for a long time I can see it sneaking back in just in time to fend of the return of Winter later this year. Tailored combats have been on the periphery of men’s fashion for a few seasons, making the occasional foray into mainstream. The above are again ones I could buy into. The jumper, for me though is not going to happen at least not yet. 


Denim is and always be the mainstay of this brand, and this is where Nicola was let run free. Of course well proportioned leather and certain other elements that had been played with during the two waves of Diesel Tribute also made a welcome appearance. Overall a strong collection that whilst not being what everyone may have expected certainly shows the direction Formichetti will be taking the brand and breathing something new, fresh and undoubtedly creative life into it. Collaborations with those that inspire the world, be they Nick Knight or a latest underground casting via tumblr show it’s certainly time to recast your eye over Diesel if for some reason you’ve let it wander elsewhere. 



PS Also can we talk about the pompom balaclava finale? Love it! 

PPS I’ve decided I definitely want a winged lion head belt.