Tulips in the gardens of Hampton Court. Beautiful.

Tulips in the gardens of Hampton Court. Beautiful.

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  • April 21st, 2014

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SecretSales - Office style: the men's edit

I was asked to put together 3 looks for our Office Style section. In no way did I forget this until I was running out the door, and I certainly did not just throw them all together. Anyway here’s me, stood outside our office in Notting Hill. Click through the link to check out some of my words of wisdom.

Look 1

Jacket - Gstar

Shirt - Paul Costelloe

Jeans - Nudie

Shoes - Mr Jones Bootmakers

Accessories - Belt - Jimmy Choo, Sunglasses - Bailey Nelson

Look 2

Shirt - Paul Costelloe

Jeans - Nudie

Shoes - Clarks X Patternity 

Accessories - Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana, Bangles - Fitbit, Miansai, Stephen Einhorn

Jacket - Gap

TShirt - Adrian + Shane

Shorts - Orlebar Brown x Nick Wooster

Shoes - Converse 

Diesel // i-D // a to Z

So just the other week I was gushing (ew!) over the i-D a to Z wink video with all the models of the moment. Now they’ve gone and filmed the a to Z of Dance with Diesel and again I’m in love. This is totally SFW except for some twerking and I guess that kinda depends on your boss. But I for onw am loving this! 

It’s been filmed to show of the particular gifts Jogg jeans have in being super soft and stretchy but still looking like jeans. I covered them here before with the previous video. This time Diesel have kindly sent me a pair to road test, so once I’ve thrown some shapes in some kind of hideous drunken mess I’ll let you know if they are as good as they claim. 

I won’t be filming it though as my talents are not as far reaching as the people above. If you’re disappointed you’ve clearly never seen me dance! 

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  • April 11th, 2014

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Baartmans & Siegel X River Island // Fashion Collab // MUST HAVE

STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING!! This is some major fashion news. Hot off the heels of their stuning collaboration with Joseph Turvey, River Island continue to champion upcoming British Design talent. This morning they announced the forthcoming collection in association with Baartmans & Siegel. 

Regular readers of the blog will know I am already deeply in love with this design duo and regularly covet their entire collection. Their inspiring fabrications and love for the luxurious side of life always leaves me hungry for more. Wisely they’ve taken their time building their brand and the collections each season. So it’s great to see them being able to reach a wider audience through this collaboration. 

The only downsides being we won’t get a pic of the collection until June and it’s not available instore or online until September!!! I’m not very good at waiting for things, and I’m not about to wish away summer.