Tribe // Accessories // New Find

I often have an issue with ethical or eco fashion products, not because I’m some weird Climate Change denier, but because quite often and I mean this as harshly as it sounds, they’re crap. Now I’m all for ethical fashion and think the issue is not taken seriously enough but the product still needs to look good. 

Tribe have nothing to worry about here, their accessories are just the right side of quirky, interesting and sustainably resourced. It’s more than enough to get me interested. Wood sunglasses are having a bit of a moment as we’ve seen several players emerge, but Tribe have expanded beyond that and actually the card holder above could give my beloved classic leather number a run for it’s money. 

Check them out and let me know what you think….

Totally getting the new Boss fragrance…oh wait maybe not!

Totally getting the new Boss fragrance…oh wait maybe not!

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  • September 18th, 2014

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James McAvoy // PhotoShoot // Matt Irwin




Love these shots of James McAvoy by photographer Matt Irwin. Though am still not convinced by the turtle neck jumper. I was forced into them in the 80s by my mother and they just remind me of clawing at my throat all day. It’s not a strong look, but I know they’re having a bit of a resurgence at the moment. Who knows I may give them another shot, and somehow convince myself I look as good as Mr McAvoy.

What think you of these looks? From smart button down to festival worthy vest optic vest top, I think it’s shot beautifully and with great personality.  Other looks I love are a solid shearling bomber, and the classic white shirt and jeans. It obvs helps he’s a ridiculously handsome man, but yeah he kills it. 

The original shoot appears below, though bewarned on occasions the site can be a little NSFW. 


James McAvoy by Matt Irwin | OUT

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  • September 15th, 2014

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Sponsored Post // Right Guard Total Defence 5 Power & Care // Show you care

The fact Right Guard have done a survey into how UK guys show they care for their significant others is timely to say the least. If you follow me on other social channels, you’ll know that things are in a bit of flux for me right now, and also it was my birthday the other week. I’m not one to post much about the husband as he’s kinda private and even I don’t post everything on social media. I have limits, even if they are often further than most. 

Anyway being my birthday, said husband out did himself this year. Surprising me not just with a new Kindle Fire (LOVE IT!), but also a case and insurance for it. My kindles have a startlingly short life span, and so this was clearly a must. The first day of one holiday a few years ago was spent prowling the completely undodgy and totally legit electrical stores in the Yumbo centre as I opened my bag to discover my Kindle screen was destroyed. But that’s by the by and in no way referenced as a way to take the mick out of me. Nope never. 

Other than the Kindle I was woken up with a delicious breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled egg on a bagel. Pretty much my favourite breakfast. What was so special was that he waited until I’d fallen asleep to sneak out and purchase said items for breakfast. Major wins all round for him. 

There were also flowers. What can I say, he likes to care of me and I now have some big shoes to fill come his birthday. The survey found that while two thirds of guys think they are caring, less than half of their other halves thought so. And I’d guess I’d fall into that category of men who’s partners feel they could show their caring side more often. Why do our nearest and dearest think we’re falling short? Well the results also showed that no.4 of the top 5 ways guys show they are caring is by remembering how their other half takes their tea. Gents? Are you kidding me? That’s 4th best answer! I know British people take their tea seriously but c’mon. Step it up! Cooking without being prompted was fifth. 

Now I’m a grown man and big enough to admit my faults, so I’ll admit it’s time to step it up myself, and I’m sure we can all do a little bit more for the person that makes us happiest. And frankly I really hope your other is that person or this just got a little awkward. 

Naturally as it was my birthday, in good Irish and UK tradition a few (several) glasses were raised to celebrate the day I arrived on the planet. Now I’m not one to eschew good personal hygiene so leaving the house sans deodorant was never going to happen, but the lovely folks at Right Guard asked if I would mind trying out their new product. I decided said night out would be a very good test indeed as we had planned to end the festivities in renowned club Duckie. A compact enough venue, that plays brilliant tracks and one I can safely say is always going to work up a sweat.

Promising to fight odour, prevent perspiration, leave me fresher longer with no irritation or itching I duly included Right Guard Total Defence 5 Power & Care into my grooming regime before hitting the town.

You can find out more about Total Defence Power here on Facebook. The new Total Defence Power (RRP £2.89 from major supermarkets) contains a unique element Taurine. Most people know this is found in energy drinks, but also in anti-aging creams meaning that it protects the skin under your arm without drying it out. It’s also completely alcohol free (in direct contrast to myself the night of my birthday), which means it’s much kinder to your skin all round. 

The night was suitably drunken, and were more shapes  thrown across the dancefloor than shots done. And whilst I didn’t look particularly fresh as I stumbled in I don’t think I can blame the Total Defence 5 Power for that. I’m still using it and can say it’s come in handy as I’m currently running round London to new and exciting meetings in this unseasonal but wholly welcome late summer sunshine. Despite having quite sensitive skin, I’ve had no irritation or itching from it, it’s comfortable to wear which is more than can be said for too many anti-perspirants. 

DISCLAIMER: Right Guard have paid for this post and provided me with product, however the words and opinions remain my own. 

Barbour International x Deus Ex Machina // Bainser Exclusive // Menswear

You know me, I’m a sucker for good collabs, and as they go this from Barbour International and Deus Ex Machina (God from the Machine - for those of you who’s Latin may be a smidge rusty) is right up there. The lovely PRs sent through these images this morning and they are exclusive to you lovely people. Yep you genuinely saw them here first as they are not for anyone else until tomorrow. 

Deus Ex Machina are one of Australia’s premium brand and the capsule collection for AW14 brings together the vision of both brands. The collection neatly brings together the youth of Australia with the heritage of Britain. 

Personally I’m more than a little in love with the distressed jackets. For one I’ve never loved a clean Barbour. There is frankly something just a bit weird about it. I remember being on a friends farm with my brand new Barbour growing up, and quickly getting them to drive the tractor over it a few times (without me in it naturally), so I wouldn’t look like such a city boy lost in the fields. 

Deus Ex Machina are famed for their custom bike builds so the end products of this menswear collaboration, the first since Barbour International became a standalone brand, is no great surprise. The collab is onsale online now, and if I had to pick a favourite I might be tempted by this original rucksack (bags more than ever are becoming a thing of mine).

I leave you to enjoy the rest of this exclusive content. 

It’s all about family… (at Royal Festival Hall)

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  • September 2nd, 2014

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Gorgeous view out over the Golden Vale in Co. Tipp after my cousins wedding.

Gorgeous view out over the Golden Vale in Co. Tipp after my cousins wedding.

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  • August 31st, 2014

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Unashamed toilet selfie at cousin’s wedding.

Unashamed toilet selfie at cousin’s wedding.

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  • August 30th, 2014

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